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Directory Submission Requirements

In order to submut to our directory, your website must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your website must have valid TITLE and META DESCRIPTION

  2. Upon submission, our crawler, Apexoo Spider visits your website to retrieve your TITLE and DESCRIPTION.
    The crawler will look for keywords in the meta tags of your website that are related to the category you're submitting to

  3. Example: if you're adding your website to the directory Home > Gardening, your website must have the word(s) Gardening in its metatags.

  4. We reserve the right to an editorial review of your website

    1. Add To: Home > Gardening


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      Site Url

      Please note:

      • In order to be listed, your website MUST have word(s) Gardening present in your meta tags
      • You do not have to submit individual pages, please submit a base url (ex., and our bot, Apexoo Spider will do the rest

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